Monday, 19 May 2014

RE: [WEDGWOOD FAMILY] Wedgwood Pedigrees for sale on Ebay


Thanks to you (and a crash course in Ebay bidding + my credit card), I am
now the very proud and happy owner of a copy of the Wedgwood Pedigrees.
My grandfather and his 5 children (including my father) appear in page 251.
Last year my Aunt (Lucy Beryl, known as Berrie)'s grandson got into
financial difficulties and the bank foreclosed on Burslem Station.
However, the property was then bought out of receivership by my Aunt Katie
Edwina (known as Zeenie)'s great granddaughter and her husband, who already
owned property in the Muttaburra District.

The family connection continued, and they are cleaning up the graves of my
grandfather and grandmother, which are both on the Station - grandfather
because floods prevented his body being taken to Muttaburra for burial, and
grandmother as she wanted to be buried with him.

Thanks so much.

David Wedgwood

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As you all know the Wedgwood Pedigrees is quite a rare book to come by, I
have been informed that one is currently for sale on ebay:

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