Monday, 23 April 2007

The “Philip Wedgwood Saga”.

This unassuming pamphlet is my latest genealogical purchase – please don't let my wife know, she despairs at the number of books that arrive at the house! By chance, I noticed this tem for sale via's "marketplace" forum, priced just $9.95 – with grateful thanks to the strength of the Pound! (at least on this occasion). It is described thus:

Book Description

This pedigree corrects and continues the descendancy of Philip Wedgwood 19th generation in Wedgwood Pedigrees, a book written in 1925 by Josiah C. Wedgwood MP and his distant kinsman Joshua G. E. Wedgwood. This is the Philip Wedgwood who m. Jane Mulcaster in 1858 at Dearham Church, Cumberland. Authored by William Wedgwood, Valpre, Fauvic, Grouville, Jersey, C.I. 15 pg. stapled booklet measures approx. 4x7".


The seller adds that it formed part of a private library. I will be making well-placed enquiries as to whether any other Family related items are available. I will transcribe the contents and make the GEDCOM available via the site.



Anonymous said...

This booklet is most useful in making a start on corrections to the Mariners of Cumberland chapter in Wedgwood Pedigrees.
Since it also brings the lines down to 1968 it inevitably includes details of living individuals.

John Wedgwood Pound said...

I will not publish details of living people on the web - the booklet was privately printed, so I take the view that its contents are not necessarily public domain. I will direct questions about living relatives to a contact I have is is from that branch of the family.