Monday, 19 January 2009

Wedgwood Family Bid Latest

Thomas R. Wedgwood, is heading up a consortium which plans to save Wedgwood and keep it British and true to its tradition of craftsmanship. See this Times story.

Keep up with this fast moving story through Google News.


Anonymous said...

Bring it home I'm a Wedgwood worker lucky i'm still there but for how long i dont no but with the family involved may be i'll be there much longer please dont let kps get it they only wont to strip it, 250 years and they going sell it out kps is an o'raily's firm we have heard they just going inthe back door to get it cheap so do your best and save WEDGWOODS and bring it home where it belongs..

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get in contact with the Wedgwood family, any ideas?

John Wedgwood Pound said...

Please e-mail me and I can let you have contact details for Thomas R and Thomas D Wedgwood.