Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tom Wedgwood writes to Staffordshire Sentinel Re: Wedgwood Museum: "Don't thank the old management".

Don't thank the old management
Tuesday, June 30, 2009.
PRAISE TRUST: Mike Wolfe's praise for the staff, building and success of the Wedgwood museum is surely appreciated by all involved.
I'd like to add one caveat, which heaps even more praise on the trust, museum team and Gaye Blake-Rogers for their extreme foresight and diligence, but decidedly less on the old Waterford Wedgwood management.
The Wedgwood Collection, the archives and artefacts were actually put into a trust before Waterford took over in 1988, so let's not thank the old board for their one kind act, this was something the Wedgwood family, who had donated many of the artefacts for safe-keeping over the last century, worked very hard to make happen.
Waterford Wedgwood and its Irish owners would certainly have sold off the contents if Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd owned them, just as they have attempted with other collections. We, in the Wedgwood family, are absolutely thrilled at the success of the museum. My father Alan Wedgwood has been deeply saddened by the turn of events in Stoke and the one thing he has put his all into has been the museum. My grandfather's trust the C.T Wedgwood Trust, (although of course he was called Tom because we're not very original with names), helped fund the initial feasibility studies to attract the Heritage Lottery Funding – for this we are proud, and the museum is set to thank the family with a Tom Wedgwood reading room to honour the trust.
Be assured that the Wedgwood family will never desert Wedgwood, its collections nor those Stoke- based employees and ex-employees.

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