Sunday, 24 May 2009

"If it's not 'Made in England', it's not Wedgwood"

Following this post quoting the Sentinel article by Thomas D. and Thomas R. Wedgwood I would like to urge all readers of this blog to show your support for their stand. Insist on English Wedgwood and make your feelings known.

Write to:

Customer Service,
ST12 9ES

Know your Back-Stamps:

Products Made in Staffordshire England" will be marked "Made in England."


Products outsourced and produced Indonesia will just have "Wedgwood England" with no explicit country of origin. 

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Unknown said...

I agree 100%. I was interested in buying a 250th anniversary Wedgwood teapot until I discovered it was made in China. I live in the US, where country of origin is required on items, so it is easy to spot the non-English goods. My sister and I collect Wedgwood and will never buy anything not made in England.