Friday, 1 May 2009

Wedgwood's 250th Anniversary 1759-2009

A bitter sweet day for the Wedgwood clan today (May 1st) as Wedgwood's 250th Anniversary is formally celebrated. 250 years ago today a young Josiah Wedgwood set up business for himself at the Ivy House Works, property rented from his cousins John and Thomas Wedgwood of the Big House, Burslem.

Despite the efforts of members of the family to buy the company when it went into administration in January, it was bought by Private Equity outfit KPS. Their new vision is for just the Visitor Centre and a small manufactory presence producing “Prestige Items”. Royal Worcester did the same – to no great effect.

According to the BBC, Lord Wedgwood, now apparently taking the KPS shilling, officially launched the festivities. The Award winning Wedgwood Museum, independent of the company and deserving of our continued support has set admission at a special anniversary entry price of £2.50 per person, instead of the usual £9.50, from today until Monday.

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