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A New Doctor Darwin - Congratulations Emma

Emma Darwin is the award winning author of The Mathematics of Love and A Secret Alchemy – a direct descendant of Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood she has just been awarded her PhD in creative writing. Congratulations Dr Darwin.

Emma's books:

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From the Suffolk countryside to the old Basque towns of Spain, Emma Darwin's unforgettable debut tells the astoundingly moving story of Stephen, a veteran of Waterloo, whose suffering and secret lost happiness is transformed by love. Gorgeously written, fascinating and engrossing, THE MATHEMATICS OF LOVE is a sexy, heart-breaking, glorious novel by a major new literary star.

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Two murdered princes; a powerful queen betrayed; a nobleman riding towards his certain death...The story of the Princes in the Tower has been one of the most fascinating - and most brutal - murder mysteries in history for more than five hundred years. In a brilliant feat of historical daring, Emma Darwin has recreated the terrible, exhilarating world of the two youngest victims of the War of the Roses: the power struggles and passion that lay behind their birth, the danger into which they fell, the profoundly moving days before their imprisonment, and the ultimate betrayal of their innocence. In A Secret Alchemy, three voices speak: that of Elizabeth Woodville, the beautiful widow of King Edward IV; of her brother Anthony, surrogate father to the doomed Prince Edward and his brother Dickon; and that of present-day historian Una Pryor. Orphaned, and herself brought up in a family where secrets and rivalries threaten her world, Una's experience of tragedy, betrayal and lost love help her unlock the long-buried secrets that led to the princes' deaths. Weaving their stories together, Emma Darwin brilliantly evokes how the violence and glamour of past ages live on within our present.

Emma's ancestry

Emma was born and brought up in London, she is the daughter of Henry Galton Darwin, a Foreign Office Lawyer, son of Sir Charles Galton Darwin who was the son of George Howard Darwin – the son of  Charles Darwin, author of On the Origin of Species and Descent of Man, and his wife Emma Wedgwood. He was, of course, also a grandson of Josiah Wedgwood I.


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