Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Darwin Family Tradition

Back in March I wrote a piece congratulating Dr Emma Darwin, best-selling and award-winning authoress on the achievement of her Doctorate – following in a grand family tradition. Soon after, Emma, who has just written a short story for broadcast on BBC Radio 4, e-mailed to alert me to the fact that, in her own generation, she was just but the latest. Her sister Carola achieved her Ph.D. in Musicology last Autumn whilst their eldest sister Sophia was awarded her Ph.D. in Mathematics some time ago.

Dr Sophia Darwin is a member of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at my alma mater Durham University.

Dr Carola Darwin is a celebrated English soprano singer, more details here and here.

I hereby suggest that a collective noun for Doctors could be "A Darwin of Doctors."

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chrisdcmoore said...

I sat a course in Codes this year under Dr Sophia Darwin (and in fact sat her exam this morning) and she is a fantastic lecturer!