Thursday, 12 February 2009

Charles Darwin Day!

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) the son of Robert Darwin and Susannah Wedgwood, daughter of Josiah Wedgwood I was born today, two hundred years ago. Readers may find the following links interesting:

Charles Darwin - Wikipedia article

The Wedgwood - Darwin Family - comprehensive article detailing most of the famous descendants of the Wedgwood-Darwin family.

Darwin Online - complete collection of his papers and correspondence.

BBC Darwin - BBC sub0site dedicated to Darwin coverage.

NHM Darwin Exhibition - Natural History Museum Exhibition site.

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Anonymous said...

I have had a strange kind of day..synchronistic you might say..I live in Indonesia..I came across this site an hour or two ago having spent all day looking into certain aspects of my family ancestory

We are back to 1540 and one Thomas Paley of Giggleswick my many times (12) "great" grandfather on my Mothers side.

My research started this morning as a result of reading about Charles Darwin in Bill Brysons "A Short History.."

Up comes the name of William Paley, who it turns out was
also a Giggleswick branch member..a rather famous protagonist of Darwin it seems ...I havnt quite worked out their relationship yet.