Saturday, 28 February 2009

Or, is there still hope?

KPS Capital have been slippery from the start – they initially began negotiations to invest in Waterford Wedgwood at the end of 2008, they surveyed the scene and then stood back to let the group fail so they could buy it on the cheap from the administrators. Still, it would seem that nothing is straight forward; they are still only saying that they will "first purchase certain overseas assets belonging to the group, before completing the purchase of its UK and Ireland assets, which is conditional on the satisfactory conclusion of the overseas transactions."

Meanwhile Staffordshire jobs and loyal customers are still non the wiser. Lobby your MP and pile on the political pressure and back the family's bid for the company the only one with:

  • A guarantee to save and create British jobs
  • Commitment to investing in valuable skills in North Staffordshire;

Only the family bid, led by people truly committed to Wedgwood and what it stands for supports the interests of Wedgwood's loyal workforce.


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