Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"Save Wedgwood" Latest

Following a segment on last night’s BBC Midlands Today New programme, which followed up on earlier reports, today has been one of intense activity as Thomas R and Thomas D Wedgwood as they continue discussions with potential investors and make a formal expression of interest for Wedgwood with the Administrators, Deloitte.

There has been considerable press coverage in the media:

Staffordshire Sentinel: “Wedgwood family: We'll create pottery jobs”

Tom D Wedgwood and cousin Tom R Wedgwood are talking to investors in Asia, the Middle East and the UK to raise the money they need to buy both Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. If they clinch the deal with administrator Deloitte they will:

  • Call a halt to redundancies at the Barlaston plant
  • Start recruiting within a year
  • Move all Wedgwood production from Indonesia to Stoke-on-Trent
  • Keep the Indonesian factory to make Royal Doulton china and ware for other companies
  • Introduce a training scheme in North Staffordshire to stop unique skills dying out
  • Stop trying to compete with low-cost imports.

They will also focus on the Japanese, Chinese and Asian markets because customers there want products made in Stoke-on-Trent.

Tom D Wedgwood, said: "Bringing Wedgwood back is clearly a key part of the business plan and there is a very rosy picture for people on the shop floor....There will certainly be no more job losses and over the next year there will be significant job gains...."People demand a country of origin so you have to bring volume manufacture.”

BBC: “Family Members bid for Wedgwood”

Daily Telegraph: “Wedgwood family make approach for firm”

The Times: “Wedgwood family lodges offer to save business

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Dave Terwilliger said...

I do hope the family is successful. As a long time collector of early Wedgwood I long for quality Jasper ware made in England! Wedgwood is, after all part of what makes England Great!