Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sampson Erdeswicke

The noted sixteenth century Staffordshire Antiquary Sampson Erdeswicke (d. 1603) is related to the Wedgwoods of Harracles, Biddulph and Burslem, theses branches share Erdeswicke descent through the Bowyer Family. The Pedigree of the Bowyer family in A History of the Wedgwood Family [1908] omits the generation with the Erdeswicke marriage this is however accepted and restored in the Bowyer Pedigree's for Lord Denham presented in subsequent editions of Burkes Peerage and Baronetage.

Erdeswicke's most famous work, his Survey of Staffordshire, [E-Edition, Google Books] makes reference to members of the Wedgwood family known to him at the time.




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