Monday, 30 March 2009

WEDGWOOD FAMILY PRESS RELEASE: - Wedgwood Family reject CEO claim

Issued by Alison Wedgwood

The Head of the Wedgwood Family has expressed his anger at the
comments made by the new CEO of Waterford Wedgwood Pierre de
Villeméjane who was reported in national newspapers as saying " that
the deal even had the blessing of the Wedgwood family, who had told
him that they were thankful that the brand would continue. "

The new CEO of Wedgwood has not spoken to Tom R (former Director of
Asia Pacific), Tom D Wedgwood, Sir Martin Wedgwood or Alison Wedgwood
who have been instrumental in fighting to keep the Brand's key
manufacturing base in the UK. He also has not spoken to Dr Alan
Wedgwood, a former non-executive Director of Waterford Wedgwood and
the Head of the Wedgwood Family, or his wife Janet Wedgwood.

Tom D Wedgwood said today: 'The Wedgwood family would like to make it
very clear that it does not support any plan that moves manufacturing
of Wedgwood from Barlaston to Indonesia. We are particularly hurt by
KPS's claim that their bid has "our blessing". This is fundamentally
untrue and is directly against everything we have been fighting for in
the last three months.'

Dr Alan Wedgwood said: 'The Wedgwood family would be happy to offer
support only if they could be assured that production and jobs are
secured in Barlaston and the brand remains true to the spirit and core
values of Josiah Wedgwood.'

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